Extended abstract - do you have one? Urgent!

10-Aug-18, 23:37
edited about 7 minutes later
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 2 years ago
Hi! Does anyone have an example of a long conference abstract, i.e., 600-1000 words long including figures and things? I don't think it is an extended one I'm looking for after all (apparently those are pages long).
12-Aug-18, 02:42
edited about 14 seconds later
Avatar for Mattfabb
posted about 2 years ago

Sometimes the workshop I work with asks for longer abstracts in order to make sure that presenters are not going to half-ass their presentations at the last minute. Just make a summary of your presentation as if it was a written article.
14-Aug-18, 00:49
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 2 years ago
Thanks! Got it done in the end. Prefer shorter abstracts!


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