What to put in a funding cover letter?

13-Aug-18, 12:06
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posted about 10 months ago
Hi all,

I've written loads of cover letters for jobs but never one for funding. I'd really appreciate some feedback on what are the best things to put in it. The application is for research support funding and requires:

1) Cover letter
2) CV
3) 2000-word research proposal
4) written work

There are no details about what exactly should go in the cover letter or research proposal.

So far, I have three paragraphs in the cover letter:

1) brief info about me/my current position, brief outline of the project and why the funding is necessary ('I'm poor!')
2) how the research aligns closely with the funder's interests
3) highlighting why the project is a original/significant contribution to scholarship and some prizes awarded for previous stages of the project

Does that sound about right? Is there something important i'm forgetting? Thanks for your help! Couldn't find anything on Google!


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