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05-Sep-18, 20:50
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posted about 2 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I know this is a long shot, but I'm feeling really alone and anxious at the moment and could really use some advice or ideas. I've been through so much medically and with life in general that I am at a complete loss at to what to write my MA dissertation on.

Every time i think of something it gets rejected on the grounds that it isn't deep enough. I was thinking about looking at medieval magic rings (medieval literature MA) but to look at them alone apparently isn't enough without a comparative element or something. I'm really interested in aspects of medieval magic, healing, manuscripts and witches. I don't suppose anyone has any topic ideas or just advice on how to come up with a good question that is do-able where i can write 15000 words on it? I'm hitting a big brick wall and my mind is completely empty when it comes to inspiration.

I was going to look at the relationship between magic rings in medieval ballads and the romances, but there are very few examples of the former category and so i've abandoned that. Thanks all!
05-Sep-18, 22:02
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posted about 2 years ago
Hello, I have no clue about your subject area (although I must say that it sounds interesting), so this is just a general bit of encouragement / advice.

Who is rejecting your ideas on the grounds that they are not deep enough? Can they give you some ideas about what you could do to make it deep enough? Can you think out those possibilities and present them again, get feedback, and see if it fits the bill? It can be "well stressful" thinking you have to come up with an idea...I've been there before - I know what you mean about hitting a brick wall and empty mind. But reach out to your supervisors and get more specific input if you're struggling. That's what they're there for.

Oh and I don't think you have to worry about it being 15k. It is more about quality than amount.


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