PhD time commitments on campus

28-Sep-18, 11:48
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by ljb
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posted about 9 months ago

I'm looking into undertaking a PhD in History and just want to gather some opinions as to the time commitments involved.

What I mean is how much time roughly am I likely to need to be on campus. I'm trying to work out how much I can work around studying.

Also how would this differ if I received a Studentship? I assume this would require more time on campus?

I appreciate any and all advice and input.
02-Oct-18, 18:15
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posted about 8 months ago
This is generally up to your supervisors. I imagine it totally varies, some are in every day 9-5 and others only pop in. You will benefit from being around peers though, rather than trying to work in isolation.

If you are doing a fulltime PhD, I wouldn't consider working, because it's really difficult to sustain both. If you're funded, you might find a stipulation with how many hours you can work e.g. only 6 hours per week during work hours on non-research focused work in the department.
02-Oct-18, 21:33
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posted about 8 months ago
Yep we are only allowed to work 6 hours per week outside of our PhD. I personally wouldn't be able to sustain more than that, as Tree mentioned.
02-Oct-18, 21:35
by rewt
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posted about 8 months ago
I agree with TreeOfLife. Talk with your supervisor about it.

I know people that come to uni once a week or once a month, just to visit their supervisor. As long as you get results no-one cares about were you work. Though if you want to have a job, there are usually limitations in the student contracts, which vary. But I would always recommend you to go into uni as much as possible because friends can help so much.


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