Living as Dead and Disappointed

07-Nov-18, 13:57
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by monkia
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posted about 2 weeks ago
If you know my story, I was a phd student for one year and then the PI forced me to leave, I got offer in another isolated country in europe and i found it worse! Yesterday, i was trying to commit suicide, I am totally devasted! I was always shine, successful, I dont know what happened, i am just crying, it is all about bad luck. I have disease tumours that required me to get marry since four years, my mother dead from cancer and possibly I will have the same destination, I am caring of my family and cannot tell them what I am passing through, honestly, I am caring of my brothers as my dad isnot caring so much. I wish my soul can be taken. I dont know where to go, may be the bad luck and eye. I dont know what I should ask, but I do feel my soul is trapped cannot breather although I am praying alot, never did something wrong, always help people, that was the only thing is to do a good work, but it didnot happen, i dont know what
07-Nov-18, 15:23
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posted about 1 week ago
Please seek help and support straight away. I understand that you feel desperate but support is available that can help you to feel better. By calling 116 123 you can access support from the Samaritans. The fact that you have posted this message shows that you are really brave and that you are reaching out to connect with others who can understand how you are feeling and provide you with support and encouragement. Connecting with others is the best way to deal with how you are feeling.This too will pass and your strength and determination will shine through. You have helped others in the past allow people in to help you now. Reach out and establish support around you.
08-Nov-18, 11:43
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by tru
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posted about 1 week ago

I agree with kmcmahon. Go get help immediately. Your life is more important than a PhD or research study. Everything else can wait until you sort out your health.
08-Nov-18, 11:52
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by monkia
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posted about 1 week ago
Thanks so much guys! Your comments are so much helpful, sometimes one get stuck in life, I am trying to sort things up and restore my mind and looking again for another or maybe last opportunity. I agree life is more important than any thing else, I hope I will be still stable to the end, thank you guys!


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