Personality types literature?

13-Nov-18, 18:09
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posted about 9 months ago
Hi all
I'm doing a proposal for a doctorate and needed to talk about the different personality types that participants might have, which would potentially affect the research.
Does anyone know where would be a good place to look for this as I've found it a little tricky to find textbooks or key texts with theory etc that I can use.
Thank you
19-Nov-18, 19:30
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posted about 9 months ago
It's not my area but I know there are journals on personality. Checking out a recent article on personality (sounds a bit broad - but you haven't given any more detail) might be useful - in particular the first few paras of a decent introduction to an article often will include references to key texts / theories.

Best of luck,
19-Nov-18, 19:32
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posted about 9 months ago
On the other hand - do you really need research / theoretical texts for this? I don't know what your proposal is on, but perhaps it is enough to say, for example: "people have different personalities and some may be less confidence and/or less verbose than others, and therefore, I would moderate the focus groups to ensure that one or two persons did not dominate the discussion".

I have no clue what your research is on - but it may be that you can get away with a sentence like that if it's just a little consideration you need to make for your project (as opposed to something theoretically relevant to your ideas/project).

Hope this helps!

23-Nov-18, 07:06
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posted about 9 months ago
You could start with the literature on ‘the big five’ Costa and Mccrae


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