French Immersion for the whole state!

13-Nov-18, 21:31
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posted about 9 months ago
Is French Immersion really a failure? My son is studying in school undertaking French immersion and this news is shocking for me, so is for other parents. Advantages of being bilingual are making a smarter generation who can speak two languages with ease. When I heard the news I always thought it would affect the school reputation. I enquired with the teachers about the situation and they were positive about the school results. Well, not all students have the same capability in learning. Some students find it difficult to meet the standards of French immersion. But they have been benefiting with the French immersion programs outside the schools, where they get a little more attention and time to learn the language. Now keeping the rumours at bay, how much effective is the French immersion programs in and outside the school, provided they have good teachers?


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