Intellectual property education

29-Nov-18, 09:49
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posted about 2 years ago
I am trying to build a case around improving intellectual property education in universities, but I need real-life examples of when people have lost out (financially or otherwise) because they weren't taught how to monetise ideas or legally protect an innovation.

Do you know someone who was involved in cutting edge research or innovation at uni who had their idea patented by a competitor before they knew to file for protection themselves? Did they lose out on money?

Or do you know someone who wasn't educated on the importance of intellectual property but worked it out and patented their idea just in time? (The best money they ever spent!)

I appreciate it's a pretty specific request but if you know any one who fits the bill, any leads would be much appreciated!! 😀 Or if this sounds like you - even better.

Please drop me a note :)


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