How much did you get drilled on knowledge of techniques you used during your viva?

04-Dec-18, 21:42
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posted about 11 months ago

just as the title say, I wanted to ask how much are you expected to know? I used quite a lot of techniques and I am quite nervous as to how much detail will I be expected to know.
Techniques such as Circular dichroism.

How much into detail do you need to know?
05-Dec-18, 12:53
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posted about 11 months ago
A lot. And I didn't know know all the answers. What's the mode of action of ampicillin? I've looked this up a thousand times and I still don't remember, I just chuck it in the media and it kills the non-transformed bacteria.
05-Dec-18, 15:15
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by pm133
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posted about 11 months ago
They can pick anything from what you have written about and grill you until you can't provide further answers.
I was absolutely grilled on a couple of theoretical sections and it was very challenging but I got through it. My examiner was keen to firstly identify the limit of my knowledge and then drill through beyond that to see how I thought through unfamiliar problems. It was a pretty brutal session.


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