Endnote help please

19-Dec-18, 20:41
by rwooduk
Avatar for rwooduk
posted about 2 years ago
Does anyone here have good experience with Endnote. I've run into a problem and can't figure out what's wrong.

In my word document I click on "Insert Citation" in the Endnote tab, then I search for the paper I wish to insert, in this case I search for "effects of operating" and it brings up the reference...

However, I wanted to shorten the abbreviation for the journal in the biography at the end of my word document. So I go to my endnote library, and, the paper is missing!...

Please could someone tell me what is happening here, how can it not be in my library but at the same time be available for me to put into the word document?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.
04-Jan-19, 01:06
Avatar for Athena30
posted about 1 year ago
Have you tried changing the search to all instead of author?


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