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04-Jan-19, 07:52
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Hi all,
I am a PhD scholar from one of premier institute of India pursuing PhD in HR Management .Specifically on HR analytics on which only 16% organizations are working globally.US and Europe are significantly using it.I need some advice on Data collection and questionaires.I have completed my SOTA off lately.Its not very easy to get into an organization and take indepth interviews and ask people to fill the questionaires. In India or outside india data is not easily available because HR analytics is very new topic.And if we talk about collecting data through social media via emails , linkedin etc only few people are interested in filling the surveys.This is big problem i am facing.Please suggest what to do.So many websites provide online data as well if we pay them.Is there any systematic step to be followed to get inside an organization and get data easily.
Sonal Gupta
06-Jan-19, 23:11
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by rewt
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posted about 5 months ago
You can only do research with data can you can obtain. What you want sounds difficult to get and you don't want your work to fail just because you couldn't get data.

Though have you tried talking with multi-national companies that have Indian divisions. If the HR in India will listen to you, they might help you get data from another division in the same company. Also to get companies to help you have to explain to them how you are helping them. Just asking for help is difficult but if you are selling them some useful data in return for access, that is easier to sell.

Also privacy laws in Europe will be very strict about this, so I doubt any European company will share any data.


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