Conference funding application - justification

11-Jan-19, 11:58
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posted about 6 days ago
Probably an inexperienced question... any help appreciated...

I'm applying for funding to attend a conference and the form is asking what benefits of me attending the conference are - and it wants a few hundred words justification. My main benefit is that I will get to disseminate this piece of research. Obviously I will meet people and hear about others work. And I will talk with people and establish new connections for possible future collaborations. But how to turn that into a detailed response of a few hundred words? Maybe I should cite particular groups who I know will be there whose work is of interest to me?! Any ideas would be helpful.
11-Jan-19, 15:24
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posted about 6 days ago
All done! Once I got going, it wasn't hard after all! Thanks anyway :)
11-Jan-19, 16:58
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by eng77
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posted about 6 days ago
Good to know you made it. Nice of you that you post after the problem is solved.
12-Jan-19, 21:00
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posted about 5 days ago
Thanks Eng! And here is the link that helped me (in case anyone else on this forum has a similar query):


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