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12-Jan-19, 17:05
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posted about 7 months ago
Hi guys,

I'm just trying to get opinions here. I'm coming to the last year of my PhD and want to share something. There is a technician in my university who has engaged in bullying several people over the entire time I was here. He has now taken to blocking young girls leaving a room and kicking people behind the legs. He's friends with the line manager (technical manager) so has got away with this for years. Before Christmas there were two new complaints against this man but I'll be surprised if anything is done. He has been previously kicked off from two PhDs and a masters program yet the university continue to employ him. I'm also the student rep for PGs. What advice can you guys give me?

Thanks again
13-Jan-19, 02:30
by pm133
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posted about 7 months ago
My actions would depend on whether I had formally witnessed this or not.
If I personally witnessed it, I would intervene. Physically if necessary.
If I had not witnessed it I would try and figure whether the students affected could prove the allegations. If they could (via independent witnesses or whatever), as the student rep, I would help them instigate a full formal report at the highest level within the university and involve local press if necessary. I wouldn't bother going to his manager directly. I would ensure that these students had all the support they needed and would help them ensure the formal complaint was seen through to a conclusion.Talk to student services about this. They'll have a good grasp on the necessary procedures.
13-Jan-19, 17:29
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by rewt
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posted about 7 months ago
If he has been kicked off 2 PhDs for the same thing, there is something wrong with management or they lack damning proof. pm133 is right, talk with other students if there is any evidence or collaborating stories and record them. You could make a long list of incidents that make it an unsafe work environment and that you want PhD students working in an area away from him.

Though if it is bad as you say it is with him getting away after repeated complaints, go through a different reporting structure. Maybe make your complaints directly to head of department or head of research, they will be less likely to know him and should be more fair.


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