Please help - applying for PhD in Law

17-Jan-19, 16:35
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posted about 1 year ago
Well hello everyone! It's 7 years since I completed my master's degree and now I want to apply for a PhD. I find myself having so many (even childish I must admit) questions and no help. I am really surprised by the way I have to write my research proposal, it almost feels like I need to know beforehand the whole subject. Anyway, here are my questions!

Since the research focus is in the field of law, the whole research will be library based. Thus I really cannot get what I should write in the budget area. Surely there will be in the future some conferences that I might want to take part in but how can I determine the cost?Or is there any other cost that I might need?

Then it's the time planning..what should I write there? I mean when it's all about reading bibliography how can I determine a plan?
if anyone out there has a research proposal sample in law, I would be most grateful. Google seems a bad friend to me these days. Thank you all
19-Jan-19, 21:10
by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago
Have you contacted any potential supervisors who might be interested in your work and would be able to answer these questions better? Talk to them about your idea and if they would give advice, as they will know the reviewers expectations.
20-Jan-19, 08:23
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posted about 1 year ago
The uni's website says that I should contact when I have a research proposal ready. Do you think I could contact professor with just a general idea and my cv? Not sure how to handle it


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