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18-Jan-19, 10:46
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi folks, seeking some advice. I am a mature student (33 years old, working full time) I am expected to gain a 1st in my B.A. (History) in the summer and I would eventually like to pursue a PhD. I spoke to a potential supervisior at my local university who suggested that, whilst jumping from B.A. to PhD is not impossible, he would recommend a Masters level degree before attempting a PhD; on balance I would probably agree with this.

Therefore I am currently split between an MRES at Leicester (There is a supervisor at Leicester who has similar research interests to my own) or a broader MA at Birmingham. Does anybody have any views on which course would be a better preparation? I am swinging towards the MRES but would be keen to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance
18-Jan-19, 19:22
by eng77
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posted about 1 year ago
Is jumping not possible because the regulations state this in the country of university? or just with this supervisor?
I would not recommend to pursue a Master for a hope or a word for a PhD from a supervisor. Do a Master which increases your chances afterwards to do what you want to do including pursuing a PhD.
From personal experience, Mres gives ypu experience in research and if you publish, it would be great. But the Mres is not very well understood everywhere. So I would prefer a taught MA which has a clear start and end and well defined transcripts and grades. I had benefited from Mres but also suffered because of it. So do not be the guy with the weird degree.
19-Jan-19, 21:00
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by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago
I think it depends, an MA is more understood by employers and in my opinion is a more rounded course if you ever need a job outside research. An MRes feels a lot more specialised which can help with PhD applications and certain job roles but you can limit your options..

Though, if one courses looks more interesting and you think you will get a better grade, go for it. Choosing the right course and not the brand is far more important.


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