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20-Jan-19, 14:07
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posted about 1 year ago
I need to write my master thesis in international business. I am struggling choosing the topic and find the famous research gap. I come up with a few ideas I would like to know what you think about and especially if they are feasible or not. I want to do the thesis as fast as I can so I would prefer an easy topic where the collection of data doesn't take too much time. I am considering a quantitative thesis with secondary data from database like orbis and zephyr. Of course, I considered a qualitative analysis in the beginning, but the professors are not going to accept so I will just for a quantitative one.
The cultural dimension of Hofstede captured my attention so the first idea I had was to study the effect of cultural distance on cross border mergers and acquisitions in an emerging country like India. I found a lot literature about CBM&A but to calculate the value of M&A could be quite difficult because it has to be done after two years at least and I do not know if I can do that with the database and especially If I would find the data.
The second one was related to the CSR namely the effect of CSR on financial performance which is a topic with a lot of research. Now the problem is that for both thesis a need to run a simple regression analysis, so I need a moderator effect which I have no idea yet. There is a lot of research on the relation of CSR and CFP so to do something new might not be easier either.
I would like to know what you think about these topics, which one it would be the easier to gather data and find articles and if you have any advice on any other topics I would really appreciate, I am open to every option.


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