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22-Jan-19, 04:47
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I am offered/expecting three PhD positions. I am abit confuse about selecting one out of them. Thess are in places Utah (USA), Karlsruhe (Germany), and Galway (Ireland).

USA and Ireland ones are studentship/fellowship and Germany one is yet to be expected and Its germnay government schorarship. My spouse and baby will accompany me. I am interested in 3 of them but I am more interested in Germany. But then I think the other two will be independent fellowships and Germany will have a bond kinda situation. Then I will get F2 visa for my spouse for USA, in which he wont be allowed to work and I also don’t know much about Utah. I am not sure will my husband ans baby will be able to accopany me to Germany along me or will they waot for few months, which is not something I woukdywant to. But I more interested in USA and Germany position rather than Galway. Which one would you choose out of these?
22-Jan-19, 10:42
by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago
This is a personal decision that I think you need to make with your spouse. It looks like there is no easy option and some compromises need to be made. I wish you the best of luck!
22-Jan-19, 13:18
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by eng77
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posted about 1 year ago
I would first assume all universities have same quality and the same interesting PhD topics are available. Moneywise USA is bad. For a family it is very hard. Assuming your spouse will work is dangerous (from experience he might not find a job easily).
Now to Germany. Pros is stipend of PhD is OK. Cons: It is really hard to find a job without good German.
Why do you exclude Ireland? If the salary is OK and your spouse is allowed to work (check this carefully before moving forward), it might be a very good opportunity.
One more thing, do you plan to settle or at least stay for a while after PhD? Germany would be the easies in terms of visa after PhD but finding jobs is not easy and also life for a foreigner is not great.


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