Co-Supervisor Leaving

25-Jan-19, 19:37
by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago

My second supervisor has just announced she is leaving for a promotion and move closer to her long-term partner. Don't blame her at all but it leaves me in the lurch.

She is taking all her other PhD students, post-docs and equipment with her but she isn't my director of Studies (DoS), so I get to stay. The problem is that I am a cross-disciplinary project and I used her equipment/lab space. She was my link to that department and helped with all politics in that department, as there is a massive shortage of lab space. I have this feeling that the department will just drop me as my project doesn't fit with their new research goals, but I need access. From talking with my DoS, she doesn't really know anyone else in that department with the same research area. I have also been informed that my second supervisor's departure was less than acrimonious and

I only found out out today and I really should wait to talk with her properly. Yet has anyone been in a similar position?
25-Jan-19, 21:30
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posted about 1 year ago
I agree this might not work well. If it's feasible with your home life and project, could you ask about the possibility of being a visiting student at her new university for as much time as you need with the equipment? I assume you prefer to stay put than move with her? You could of course ask for that if appropriate supervision is there too.
26-Jan-19, 16:19
by pm133
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posted about 1 year ago
That's seriously bad news rewt and it was something I was terrified of happening to me. So much so that during my interview for the PhD I asked him outright if he had ambitions of moving in the next 5 years and what would have to me if he did.

If moving with her is an option I would definitely consider it. I think bewildered's suggestion is great. Getting to spend a few months in each location could work.


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