Poster - landscape or portrait

03-Mar-19, 18:23
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posted about 6 months ago

If a conference poster board is 4 by 8, do you interpret that as needing to be a landscape poster as opposed to a portrait one? Don't know why I find these basic things so tricky! I've managed to infer its referring to ft and I'm thinking it means longways.

Thanks anyone!

03-Mar-19, 18:34
by rewt
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posted about 6 months ago
I would think it is portrait. Can you email the conference and clarify? They are usually pretty fast at replying.
03-Mar-19, 18:57
edited about 16 seconds later
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 6 months ago
Thanks Rewt. I've had a google and apparently it's standard in the US for it to be 4 by 8 longways (landscape shape). Seems they have a set way of doing it there!


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