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07-Mar-19, 10:34
by Liah
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posted about 1 week ago
Hi everyone,
I have a recently applied for masters in computer science in one of the prominent universities here in the UK. Unfortunately my application got rejected although they didn't explain why. I am currently living in the UK as my husband is working here. I have been a stay at home mom for 3 years and really wanting to go back to academia and pursue a Phd. I am from a non-EU country and willing to self-sponser. I have a masters in Engineering from my home country. Because of this rejection my confidence has taken a knock. I wish they had explained a bit more why my application was rejected, so I could work on it or find a way. Wondering what would others do if they were in my place. Thanks for any advice.
07-Mar-19, 12:36
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posted about 1 week ago
Hi Liah

Sorry to hear about this – these things are blows that can knock us down a bit.

When I had a rejection to study my undergrad degree I contacted the university to find out why. It is useful to know if they felt you did not meet the criteria as well as some other candidates or perhaps if the course was over-subscribed. Or maybe the personal statement needs work. Maybe you could try this? They may or may not be helpful.

It's tough but don’t be too discouraged by this. Can you apply for multiple universities rather than just the one?

All the best,
07-Mar-19, 12:38
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by monkia
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posted about 1 week ago
Dear Liah, don't give up, I and others have faced rejections many times, you can read our stories that can inspire you to be a patient, determinant, and persistent as well. Please always do remember that rejections are part of success, of course sometimes you feel down and maybe months, but remember this wasn't a good fit for you. I do recommend you, to apply and keep your eye around, do good research about professors that might seem interesting. You are advantageous where you can sponsor yourself and I am pretty sure you can find it a good professor and lab. Just be patient, persistent that you are going to be successful, and always there is a light at the end of the tunnel, good luck in your endeavour.
07-Mar-19, 12:41
by monkia
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posted about 1 week ago
Good points @Tudor_queen has pointed out, maybe you need a good references letters, drafting a research proposal and contacting potential supervisors. Sometimes, you cannot know the reasons of rejections, it doesn't mean you weren't good, but it may be competitive, so you have to apply to different interesting programs, approaching different, until you find a good program matches your interest.
08-Mar-19, 20:42
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posted about 1 week ago
So just curious, but how different is your Masters in Engineering relative to the Masters in Computer Science? My Dad has an MS in Computer Science from a top school in the US, which is essentially a computer engineering degree over here. Not sure how the programs differ over on that side of the pond, but if it looks duplicative at all, you might want to explain that in a personal statement.

Can you apply straight to a PhD now? Why a 2nd masters? Maybe apply again + a few more schools next year.

If you're a parent, you are already a badass! Now it's just about marketing yourself to a good program :-)

Think of who the school recruits and capitalize on that. Do they want people that will get hired in prestigious positions and expand their network? Do they want people who will move on to a PhD? Talk to the program admins more about what makes an ideal candidate attractive and then try to re-apply next year with some of that information. Check out who has graduated and where they are now. Are they working? in PhD's? Maybe you have things in common with their alumni you can highlight next year. Or maybe you'd be an ideal candidate because you're a little unique and would add to their program things they don't have. Emphasize strengths and minimize any concerns, such as time away from work or school.

I was recently accepted at a top 10 US school for a masters and they were very interested in my work experience. I marketed myself based on how I would round out their program. Their student body was younger, so I decided to make a pitch that being older with more experience would round out their classroom discussions and they ate it up.

Don't be discouraged! Everyone fails, but it's all in how you deal with it. Reapply and don't give up.


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