Has anyone been notified of their NWSSDTP/ESRC studentship results?

23-Mar-19, 15:11
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I applied in February and was supposed to receive an email yesterday, March 22, 2019, as stated in their application guidance:

"Finally, the applications which have passed the previous two stages are presented to the NWSSDTP Studentship Allocation Committee by the overall pathway lead. This committee will then decide on studentship allocation across the NWSSDTP. This NWSSDTP Studentship Committee will take place on the 13th March 2019.
b. Outcome of Application
Successful candidates will be informed by email by 22nd March 2019. If you are successful in being
nominated for an award, you will be asked to confirm by the 12th April 2019 whether or not you wish to formally accept the award. If you do not confirm by this date, the NWSSDTP reserves the right to reallocate the award.

The NWSSDTP Studentship Committee and the pathway leads will also agree a list of reserve candidates, and reserve candidates will also be informed by the 22nd March 2019. If you are selected as a reserve candidate you may still be offered an award should one of the successful candidates decline their award / fail to formally accept their award.
Candidates who reach the NWSSDTP Studentship Allocation Committee stage but are unsuccessful will also be informed by the 22nd March 2019. Due to the volume of applications, individual feedback will not be available."

I haven't heard a peep, though I know I made it to the 3rd round. Is anyone else waiting, or is it just me?


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