Masters Or PhD?

12-Apr-19, 11:00
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posted about 10 months ago
I graduated with a 1st in Biomedical Sciences in 2014. After doing office work I'd now like a career in research. But I can't decide whether to do a Masters or PhD. I don't have much lab experience, which is why a Masters may be the best option to start with, but a PhD would be a better qualification to have. But I'm not sure I'd get a good PhD with my lack of experience. Or I could try to get a lab technician job? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
13-Apr-19, 14:21
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by pm133
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posted about 10 months ago
What do you mean by a "good" PhD?
15-Apr-19, 12:58
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posted about 10 months ago
Masters will give you a taste for research, then you could go on to do a PhD if you think it is for you. Or if you feel quite certain now, then you could go for a PhD straight away. Someone posted about this the other day actually - whether it adds to do a Masters beforehand. I found it beneficial, as you get skills you will use later on in the PhD. I'd defo recommend Masters first, especially if you can get it funded. Lab technician / Research Assistant job is another way to gain experience before embarking on PhD and also a way to get a foot in door for PhD funding (just make it clear that is what you are interested in interview; some such jobs are even advertised as having the possibility of PhD funding later). So lots of options to think about! What are your priorities? I tend to be guided by funding possibilities. Good luck!


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