Every time I hear Elon Musk I feel a pity about PhD

13-Apr-19, 01:23
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by monkiaa
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posted about 10 months ago
Maybe I am trying to share my thoughts when I see how Elon Musk is an extraordinary success and changing the world literally, I feel pity about myself. At the age of 28, he started his first successful, and me I am still struggling on a topic that may or may not have a significant impact. He dropped from Standford after two days to fulfill his dream.

Actually, I am not like him, and I always have a question about how I can be successful and enjoy what I am doing. I don't know to whom I should go or discuss, I want to create my own ideas, but I feel restricted.

I just want to be successful, I need to make a courageous step and shift everything, but how? I am not good enough as smart people.

Sorry if my question is not well structured, but I am rediscovering myself again.
13-Apr-19, 01:57
by PhDhere
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posted about 10 months ago
Very few people on earth are capable of doing what Elon Musk is doing. He is also making a lot of sacrifices in every aspect of his personal life to get that career success. Also the guy has had enormous failures throughout his career that a few human beings can bear. So it is really not helping to compare yourself to him in a destructive manner. Yes take inspirations from him and his way of thinking and try to implement some of his wisdom for the progression of your career and that's it. However, that does not mean by age of 28 (or any age milestone for that matter) we all have to have started our businesses and making lots of money because this isn't how it works for the majority of people. The only one you should compare yourself to is yourself in the past. Are you today a better version of yourself? if yes then you are fine if not see what aspects you can improve so that tomorrow you can be better.
13-Apr-19, 14:16
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by pm133
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posted about 10 months ago
Let's be very clear here.
Elon Musk is very charismatic, has great vision and is exceptionally good at prizing money from the pockets of rich investors.
Beyond that, I am struggling to understand the global rush to "white knight" this individual.

The truly smart people he is riding on the crest of are his workforce. Musk isn't coding, designing hardware, testing rockets or building any of his cars.

Business-wise, he is a serial failure and most of his companies appear to be loss-making.
He is no different from Richard Branson. The reward for thousands of the Tesla employees who sacrificed their personal lives to help him hit his targets is likely to be mass unemployment.

It's easy to be successful when you are spending billions of pounds of other peoples money and thus able to recruit the best scientists and engineers to turn your dreams into actual products. Without either of these things, Musk would be a dreamer like the rest of us.

Be very careful who you idolise in life.
13-Apr-19, 14:20
by pm133
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posted about 10 months ago

You are not going to help the process of re-discovering yourself by making completely inappropriate comparisons between yourself and someone like Elon Musk and then trying to change your entire philosophy based on what you think he would have done in your situation. That thought process is going to land you straight back at square one I'm afraid.
15-Apr-19, 10:00
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posted about 10 months ago
Do you have an idea or dream that's always there at the back of your mind but you feel too scared to reach out and go for? Or is this just a feeling that you get when you see Elon Musk and think, wow, why haven't I done something like him?!

I am just trying to get to the bottom of what is going on here... If it is the former, then go for it. Identify those things that are causing you to feel restricted or constrained, and make a plan to move forward. Even if it means starting something new and stepping out of your comfort zone!

If the latter, then, well... I think it's fine to be inspired by people like that if you find them inspiring. But don't beat yourself up or compare! Use it as a motivation to work hard and finish your current task!


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