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15-Apr-19, 06:19
by Adeyemi
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posted about 1 year ago
How do I start applying for a PhD position
I am full with different route of applying, like get to know from the grad coord of the school concerning their available funding system, later read the published works of my proposed supervisor, then solicits to be their student. Later apply for the school admission, but please using findaphd platform, do I need to do all these
18-Apr-19, 16:01
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi Adeyemi

It can be really difficult to navigate how to go about getting a PhD position. I remember being totally confused by it. So there are different pathways, and also different ways to getting on those pathways. Broadly, the first question to ask yourself might be whether you have your own idea for a project that you want to carry out, or you want to apply to work with someone else on their project idea. This will guide you. If the former, you will want to identify a suitable person to supervise and funding for your project (may be advertised on a platform like find a phd or maybe through just talking to potential supervisors). If the latter then you will probably want to identify an advertised project (usually on a platform like find a phd). Knowing the answer to this question is a good place to start.



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