Passed my Viva

19-Apr-19, 11:03
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by maxipat
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posted about 1 year ago
After ten years of hard work I have finally passed my PhD. I had some very minor corrections which were finished and submitted in a week. I just wanted to assure everyone having doubts that YOU can do it. I spent ten years convinced my research wasnt as good as everyone elses and I would never finish. Keep going and you will get there too. Use this forum for help..... there is lots of knowledge and experience and people always willing to help. Thanks. Max.
15-May-19, 14:58
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posted about 1 year ago
Good one
16-May-19, 11:57
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posted about 1 year ago
I don't know how I didn't see this before! Massive congratulations!!!!!!!
16-May-19, 21:34
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by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago


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