Advice on recruiting online participant

25-Apr-19, 14:32
by lcj
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi everyone,

I'm conducting a free online intervention for social anxiety and need to recruit people with high social anxiety.
Just wondering if you have any advice on any platform that I can advertise the intervention?
Here is the link of my study.

Thanks a lot!
26-Apr-19, 10:53
by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago
The link is broken or not there. Otherwise I will do it
26-Apr-19, 15:15
edited about 24 seconds later
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posted about 1 year ago
I think that there are support groups on Facebook for people suffering from anxiety. If you're on Facebook, try a search. Some may allow you to join and post a link to your survey.
28-Apr-19, 13:38
edited about 2 seconds later
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posted about 1 year ago
There are many platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter to engage with many people on the same. All the best!


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