End of PhD but frustrated with progress... Advice needed

16-May-19, 13:40
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I am in my final year of the PhD and I am due to finish they September but I am beyond frustrated with the PhD at the moment. There are a few really big issues at the moment. Any advice on how to tackle them would be a great help! Let me explain.

I have an excellent set of data so my supervisors agreed to let me write up at 2.5 years so I maintain my funding until September and the thesis will be done by then. We agreed on chapter deadlines with the agreement feedback would be given per chapter i.e. on a rolling basis. I meet all of the deadlines with lots of time to spare and gave a first draft of the thesis in before Easter. I have had zero feedback on any of my thesis or any chapters. Every time I broach the subject they have excuses and promise feedback soon but it never comes. We agreed with the college my thesis will be submitted the start of July whilst I am confident my work is of good quality I do feel corrections should be made soon in case there is a lot of them. How can I get my supervisors to actually give me the feedback? I have a similar issue with both my manuscripts for papers where they will not tell me what they want to change but keep fobbing it off for later. I really need a publication to get a postdoc.

The other big issue is that they are to put it politely not doing the admin side of their job. For example, my examiners for the viva should have been submitted before Easter but they have not been submitted as of yet. Again when I ask them to do so there are excuses after excuses with it transpiring that they haven't even decided on one or asked the other yet. One of them has been delaying sending my recommendation letter which they agreed to do and no amount of prodding seems to help with any of these problems.


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