Can i contact my Phd Supervisor after the skype interview through email.

17-May-19, 17:12
Avatar for srinimorton
posted about 4 months ago
I want to show him my international collaborative research project letter to him. Is it the right time to show him my letter after the skype interview.
20-May-19, 23:13
edited about 29 seconds later
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 4 months ago
I'm not sure what this letter is. If it's something you need to share with him then it shouldn't be a problem to do so?
21-May-19, 07:42
edited about 21 seconds later
by eng77
Avatar for eng77
posted about 4 months ago
Theoritically yes. I have done it twice when asked to provide my Master thesis during the interview. But if he/she did not ask you for further documents, I think it would indicate a sign of weakness. In my opinion, their decision will not change based on your document if they have not asked particular for it.


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