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31-May-19, 14:46
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posted about 1 year ago
As I am an international student, to apply for Phd, I have given my IELTS academic.I achieved 7 and 7.5 scores for listening, reading and speaking but for writing unfortunately it was just 5.5. I was devastated initially, still that was the reality.
I am a mechanical engineer by profession. Completed my Bachelors with a distinction (70%), Master's Degree with 81% (Gold Medalist), Industrial experience of 4 years and moreover, 2 years experience in teaching (ie., as a faculty for UG mechanical) with few research works done. Also, I have published 7 journals on the works.

While applying, I observe the requirements as minimum of 6.5 IELTS, I assume that they are looking for overall band of 6.5. But, my concern is as I have one component below 6, will they consider my application?? Will they have any weightage for academic excellence and Induatrial expertise?? Or will they just go by scores in selection for admissions??
Currently I am working for a long term research project in UK. Looks my dreams of getting a PhD seat is fading off because of my scores. I really don't have time to give this IELTS again as I have only 1 year (perfectly 11 months) of Visa left to stay in this country. If I start preparing and give it again, another 2 months will be consumed by the time I receive my scores. Completely depressed.

Kindly give your suggestions on this from the knowledge you all have!!

Thank you!!
31-May-19, 15:11
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posted about 1 year ago
Unfortunately the rule tends to be overall 6.5 with no component below 6.0. I think you will have problems, not least because many PhD supervisors feel it's unethical to take students without strong written English.
31-May-19, 15:16
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posted about 1 year ago
So, do you suggest me not to apply for any of the universities right now with these scores?? Or can I give a go applying?? I am completely out of my mind, I did not expect such a low score. As I am not that weak with English, its a massive shock. Time constraint is ruining me furthermore.

Is it better to give IELTS again and apply with the new scores??
31-May-19, 16:27
by rewt
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posted about 1 year ago
I would apply for PhDs anyway but aim to pass the written test ASAP. There is nothing stopping you starting the applications before you pass.

Honestly, writing skills are fundamental to a PhD and your experience doesn't negate you missing an essential skill. Supervisors do not want to proof read your work for grammar mistakes and they would take a less skilled researcher if it saved them time. So just pass the test.
31-May-19, 16:50
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posted about 1 year ago
Thank you.
I would re-do my test as soon as possible after getting to know your suggestions.

To apply, I need to upload my test score as well. As I am looking for funding projects, few of them in their requirements specify clearly that the candidate has to attach the IELTS test score card. tor
In this case shall I upload my current score???

My manager and director promised me that they will be giving cent percent support for my admissions into PhD. He has suggested and referred me a project too, which is dealt by edinburgh university. The project is being outsourced from my current company to the university. In this case does the rules of the university over IELTS matter?
01-Jun-19, 00:40
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by PhDhere
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posted about 1 year ago
Try making an appeal for IELTS results. You may get it to 6 as sometimes markers can be harsh and writing mark is subjective. My brother did appeal and he managed to get an extra 0.5 he desperately needed. Best of luck
01-Jun-19, 11:41
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posted about 1 year ago
I’d send an email to the university registry explaining my case absolutely concerns. I’ve met students who went for a ‘English Summer School’ at the university because they could not get the minimum grade in some of the IELTS’ brand. Maybe you can go do the same. Otherwise, I’d redo the exam... good luck!
02-Jun-19, 00:05
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posted about 1 year ago
Hey thanks for sharing about your brother!! I too checked upon the stories people posted on writing scores achieved after re markings!! Once I will speak to the test center and put for it!! Fingers crossed and dependent on God!!


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