How long does a professor take to reply for a phd please?

17-Jul-19, 21:29
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by stc954
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi guys,

So I am an undergraduate student. Just finished my degree and graduated with a second class, being one mark of the first class. A couple of months ago, before I graduate I was offered a phd by my professor, many discussions took place. I also wrote my proposal.

Any who, I sent off my applicaton on the 11th of June and I believe my professor received my applicaton on the 12th of June. But I still haven't heard a reply. He is the head of our entire department. I did send him an email of when would I be expecting a reply, but he still didn't answer. I do realise people like that are the head of department are always busy. But does this sound like I will be rejected? I really do want this chance. Usually, how long do they usually take?

Can someone help please? Anyone had similar experience? I am really desperate for any answer.

Also, our agreement was that I get a first class, however, I received a second class one mark of the first class. Does this matter do you think? Because I felt like that he put this out to ensure I study hard

Thank you
19-Jul-19, 23:43
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi stc954

Sorry to hear about your current conundrum. It sounds a bit odd, given that you already had a working relationship of sorts with this person and had discussed things. I'd certainly have expected an answer by now, unless I knew they were away on some field trip or something.

So it could be:
a) they genuinely haven't had time / have forgotten to reply to your email (AND the follow up email), or may have fallen ill, be away, or whatnot (you'd expect an out of office though)
b) they changed their mind b/c you didn't get the 1st and yet they do not have the decency to tell you this (or rather the decency to discuss your options - getting funding is still possible but might be harder)
c) they might have changed their mind but they aren't sure and are just biding their time - maybe they had another student they also discussed a project with and so now they are thinking they will wait and see what happens with that and then get back to you (not pleasant but how some people work)

Those are three things I can think of as to why no reply. If b) or c) painful as it is, it's probably a lucky escape - as it's better to have a supervisor who respects you. I guess I would write one more email and make it short and clear - like I am still interested - I realise I didn't get a 1st - but can we still go for this? And if no reply then I think I'd be looking elsewhere. Congrats on getting your degree. To address your Q of whether it matters (i.e., first vs high two one) - in the scheme of things, no I don't think so. But in terms of getting PhD funding, could make it a notch harder. You can of course build your application to make it stronger in other ways (such as getting a good masters, publishing a paper, getting great research experience).

Hope this helps!


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