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23-Jul-19, 17:14
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posted about 12 months ago

I've found a prospective flat to rent, and it seems I'm the only person interested in it (the private landlord went from being dubious about me for some unknown reason to suddenly wanting to get things signed). I feel that everything is the landlord's way though (and yeh I know, he is the landlord...). So I want to move in 1st September, but he says no, mid August is when I will pay from (and move in if I want)... I'd have preferred to have stayed through to August 2020, but he likes to use the flat as a holiday home during the month of July, so no, I need to leave at end of June and make alternative arrangements for July. This is all OK - sort of. But I am thinking of suggesting that I can only move in on 1st Sept. After all, this would save me two weeks rent that I can't afford to double pay.

What do you reckon? As the tenant, I just have to suck it up or risk losing the flat?

Please share any thoughts quickly!

23-Jul-19, 20:04
by rewt
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posted about 12 months ago
It is a negotiation, someone has to compromise. I would make sure that the contract ends in June as you can then treat it is a 10 month contract. If he doesn't budge just say you need think and say you are looking at other places. Sometimes that gets them to compromise.
24-Jul-19, 08:15
by eng77
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posted about 12 months ago
I think he is not in a great position to insist on Mid-August while we are already at end of July and the chances of finding another tenant is not good. So I recommend to insist on September and it is not your problem that he wants to get rent for more two weeks. It is expected for landlords to have their flats empty for a while between tenants.
24-Jul-19, 17:26
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by pd1598
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posted about 12 months ago
Tell him to take it, or he can jog on! Greedy swine.
28-Jul-19, 01:19
by pm133
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posted about 12 months ago
Hope I'm not too late with some advice TQ.
When it comes to working or doing business with someone ALWAYS trust your gut.
If you weren't feeling time pressured to sort something out would you walk away?
Personally if I have an off feeling about anyone I would always walk from the deal.
It's all about people in my experience. If you don't have that up front it'll be trouble in the end.
01-Aug-19, 00:50
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posted about 11 months ago
Thank you everyone for the sound advice as usual!

In the end, I decided to do what he wanted... but only after considering whether I minded moving in 2 weeks earlier than planned. Since I am moving because my current place is extremely noisy at night, I decided that double paying for 2 weeks and finally having peace in my new abode was a price worth paying. In other circumstances, I think I'd have tried to bargain about the move in date, as suggested here.

Greedy swine made me chuckle!

Hope everyone keeping well :-)


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