1) PhD re-advertised, do I assume I am unsuccessful? 2) Advice on finding a PhD

07-Aug-19, 23:30
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posted about 11 months ago
I have applied for a few PhD’s at various university’s all with no luck. I have completed a masters degree in chemical engineering and throughout this time spent 2 years in research in various areas.

1) I am however waiting to hear back from one university regarding a phd I interviewed for 10 weeks ago (same time as the original deadline) . The position links both my two years of research experience together and hence is a perfect opportunity for me. Since the interview I have exchanged a few emails with the supervisor, firstly asking for feedback on the interview which was a very positive response. In each of these exchanges they mentioned they would let me know the outcome of my application ‘soon’ as there were delays. However the latest email I was informed the delays had been sorted and again an outcome would be ‘soon’. But following this email I have noticed the phd position has been Re-advertised with the deadline now at the end of the month. Do I assume I haven’t got this position? Should I email and ask about it? Would I be told if I haven't been successful? I appreciate that they want the most ideal candidate possible and there is still time between the proposed starting date and now but waiting for an outcome is frustrating, especially if I am waiting for another rejection. I haven’t waited this long for a rejection before and the email responses seemed positive, I don’t want to assume either way.

2) is there any advice from people that did get a lot of rejection when applying for phd’s? September is fast approaching and I ideally wanted to start then. Can phds start at other times throughout the year? is it worth taking the year off and applying throughout the year for next September (2020)?

Thank you
10-Aug-19, 19:00
by rewt
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posted about 11 months ago
Sorry about the delay.

1) Sounds like you have been passed over. Doesn't stop you re-applying for the PhD or calling the university asking for confirmation/feedback.

2) I know at my uni there are 3 intake times a year and you join at the closest time period. There are a lot of PhD spots that advertise year round and the will accept students when they find the right student, not just September.
14-Aug-19, 13:20
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posted about 11 months ago
Sorry to hear this. I think I would email again and ask directly so you can have closure and a proper explanation. That's your right and only basic courtesy (from them). Might be useful for future applications. Might be that they decided to advertise for another and you will still be made an offer. Just email to find out, I reckon.

There are other options. I'm just trying to find an old thread where people had shared ideas about getting PhD funding. It can take a while to get funding. I'll post the thread here if I can find it.

Good luck.


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