Master thesis " help please "

18-Aug-19, 06:07
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by kimosup
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posted about 12 months ago
I have problem with my master thesis "Optimisation of logistic costs in vegetables processing company"
the company where i'm internship does not want to share data with me about this topic
So please if any one have documents, reports or thesis that talk about this topic, please send it to me,
Thank you for understanding,
20-Aug-19, 08:50
by rewt
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posted about 12 months ago
What is your link with the company?

I also did my dissertation with a company (they were fully supportive BTW) and they signed an NDA with the university. The university didn't publish my dissertation and restricted access, in return I got to use a lot of sensitive data.
22-Aug-19, 09:57
by pm133
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posted about 12 months ago
I had a year in Industry during my Masters degree. As with rewt, we got an NDA signed and that solved the problem.


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