I want quit my PhD after passing my viva with major corrections.

25-Sep-19, 18:16
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posted about 6 months ago
Has anyone ever quit their PhD after passing their viva? I was handed a long list of corrections and initially nearly a year to do them, after a viva which on the face of it seemed to go well. Now I have less than 2 months remaining to complete the corrections, am working full time and expecting a child in 3 months. I have completed some of the corrections but nowhere near all. I have no energy or interest left and utterly despise the perpetual 'knot-in-the-stomach' feeling which academia wants you to internalise and just 'power through'. I have no interest in asking for any sort of extension to my corrections or whatever.
I am basically emotionally and spiritually done with this PhD and desperate to leave it behind. I have no remaining interest in my research whatsoever, and if I am being honest, never really have had. Someone asked me a simple question at work today, 'oh what was your PhD on?'.... and I went into a hour-long inner sulk.
I am not sure what I want from this post... advice? Someone to validate my feeling that I should quit? Or just to vent... sorry.


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