Should I go ahead with my phd?

29-Sep-19, 15:08
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posted about 3 months ago
Hi! I have been accepted as a phd student in forestry starting in two weeks but the closer I get to the time the more unsure I am. Please help me decide if I just have cold feet or I should get out now. I got my undergraduate (1st) but was a 2:1/2:2 for most of the degree. I failed to publish any of my honours work (just got back the rejected manuscript back from a second journal), but did present my summer research work at a conference. I worked for a year after uni as a research technician. I hope to work for an ngo and saw this project as a "way in" as it is in partnership with one. I'm interested in the topic but am worried that I have no experience and by some of the comments i got back on my submission. Should I leave it and go and work in a cafe, aim to do my masters next year instead?
30-Sep-19, 11:07
by rewt
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posted about 3 months ago
Do the PhD, you are overthinking it. A PhD is a new start and people don't care about your undergraduate degree. You only know if you will be good at it until you start, so take it as a fresh start.

Also, I am a PhD student and got a years worth of work rejected 4 times by 4 different journals. We all get rejected and it is how you get back up after it.
14-Oct-19, 13:29
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posted about 2 months ago
I just submitted my PhD thesis and I can tell you that most people who were on my program which is super prestigious had never published any of their work before. I don't mention the fact my program is prestigious to boast but to simply show you that most places don't expect you to have published. If it makes you feel any better my first ever paper will be from my PhD and it hasn't even been submitted yet. I have had two job interviews for postdocs and no one was bothered by the fact I hadn't published. So please don't worry about it and good on you for having data to publish after your honours.

I am not going to lie going into the PhD straight from my BSc was hard but I am not sure even if I had done a masters it would have been much easier. Every PhD student I know and even some who have been technicians and done masters thinks they aren't good enough at some point to do or complete the PhD. I say go for it, don't let the fear hold you back. If you don't like it you can always leave after 9 months with an MPhil or you could at my uni. Good luck.


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