Do you know the name of this film?

01-Oct-19, 16:06
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posted about 5 months ago
Hi everyone

I wouldn't normally come on here with such a trivial questions, but I thought maybe someone will know... I am trying to find a movie that I nearly watched a couple of years ago but then forgot about... it has just come back to mind, and although it sounds a bit depressing I wanted to give it a go... The problem is - I have forgotten its name...

Here's what I remember: It's about a man (with dark hair) who gets tragic news one night that his family (wife and kids) have been killed in a car accident. I'm not sure what all happens in between, but the synopsis said something about him going to live in (and possibly buy) a lighthouse... I don't remember anything else or any of the actors, and when I search on IMDB for lighthouse films, I get a load of horror movies, which it definitely wasn't.

If anyone knows what it could be (or has any alternative suggestions I could try - I seem to be craving something a bit melancholy though), please let me know!!!


Ps. Have just finished corrections! Need to check them all tomorrow and then will submit - fingers crossed!


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