Is it possible to 'move up'?

06-Nov-19, 01:37
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posted about 7 months ago
I'm completing a PhD at a former polytechnic. There is an issue that makes me doubt my choice. I did very well for my Masters degree. I went to the ex-poly because I thought the supervisors would be ideal. However, I am beginning to realise they aren't really helping my cause.
If I finish the doctorate here, will I only be accepted at universities that have little funding where academics have to devote all their time to teaching? Are there many cases of people completing a doctorate at a small university and then finding their way to a internationally known, well-funded university? This is a question that haunts me and I don't feel I can approach my supervisors about it.
Any help would be appreciated.
06-Nov-19, 09:34
by rewt
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posted about 7 months ago
Academia is based on meritocracy and though there is snobbishness towards former polytechnics, they will respect you if you do good research. I think the trick is do good research, go to conferences, publish, make good connections, get more publications, post-doc at a better uni, do more good research, succeed. You do have to work harder than students at more well funded universities but you should focus on what you can do (good research!) instead of missed opportunities.
07-Nov-19, 12:14
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 7 months ago
Hi Koopa_Beach, in my field if you get a strong publication or so this will enable you to move where you want, as it demonstrates that you are capable of producing high quality research that has gone through the peer review and adds to the field. So I think that wherever you are, it is about finding ways to build up your profile so that your CV is strong when you start applying for jobs. I agree with Rewt too on all those suggestions about conferences etc.


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