Help me ! My viva is very soon

13-Nov-19, 21:58
by Monab
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posted about 6 months ago
Hi everyone .
I am not sure if someone has posted the same concern.
I have one contribution is not well written in the discussion . Now I am seeing my writing is completely wrong in the way I use the language as well as the the unclarity of ideas . Now , I know what to say . So , dhal I make this clear in the viva and what I think?
is this consider major ? . I am not native as you can guess.

Also ,my supervisor has said after I submitted that the theory I am using I cant write a paper on. because she thinks another theory is a better fit (we had worked on the other one but we left it for no reason) although she was happy with all my work before submittion.
Now I am losing my confidence .
Any advice please .
Thank you
14-Nov-19, 10:13
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 6 months ago
You can't change anything now of course, but it is great that you are aware of potential limitations and aspects that might come up in the viva. Be ready to defend what you have done and also ready to acknowledge where you think there are limitations. I think that's all you can do. Also, it is natural to go into panic mode and think the thesis has lots of problems just before the viva. So what you are thinking of as big issues and weaknesses might actually be much smaller in reality. All the best!
17-Nov-19, 03:05
by Kahn
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posted about 6 months ago
I think it should be minor. I had the same issues very recently and had posted a similar question. I passed with minor corrections.

Good luck :)


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