I will deliver a guest lecture in the UK, but i do not speak English well

18-Nov-19, 13:45
by huubte
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posted about 6 months ago
Hi everyone,
I am doing my 3rd year PhD in the UK and i was invited to deliver a guest lecture for a group of undergraduate students. I am more confident with writing because i can check the errors whenever i want. However, when delivering a lecture, i believe that there will be several mistakes in grammar and vocabulary use. I have done many rehearsals now and i notice that it will surely happen during the lecture. I am from the South East Asian countries, so English is not my mother language. Do you think that will be fine for students if i say something wrong in grammar and some incorrect vocabularies?
Thank you
18-Nov-19, 16:29
by eng77
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posted about 6 months ago
It is fine. Students have lectures from non-native English speakers. Just do your best.
18-Nov-19, 19:13
by rewt
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posted about 6 months ago
Having had many lecturers with bad English or a thick accent I can safely say it doesn't really matter. Some of the most memorable bits of my course was when the lecturer said something very important in stunted English.
18-Nov-19, 19:14
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posted about 6 months ago
I think it'll be fine as long as your content is good. That's what people really appreciate.

Good luck!
19-Nov-19, 18:19
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posted about 6 months ago
Agree with the above. No one cares - only about the science. Enjoy your talk!


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