Job applications - question about training

11-Feb-20, 21:07
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posted about 6 months ago
I'm filling in an application form which has this question:

"Please enter details of any RELEVANT training you have undertaken including dates, subject and training provider."

I never know what to put for this kind of question. I do all kinds of training at work, including health and safety stuff, using new versions of Moodle, creating online reading lists, working with neurodiverse students etc etc. Am I supposed to include this kind of training or do they mean training which leads to some kind of certificate? In which case, I should probably just put N/A.
14-Feb-20, 13:30
by pm133
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posted about 6 months ago
Personally I would stick to 3 or 4 training modules which are directly relevant to the post. If you have certificates then say they are available on request. If you have other courses, I would say that a more complete list is available on demand.

Store your details in a word document and be prepared to send it.
Alternatively, put that document online somewhere and send a link to it.


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