I'm developing an app to make it EASIER to work on research papers

12-Feb-20, 19:06
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posted about 6 months ago
Hey everyone!

Just recently finished my PhD and I'm now working developing an app for researchers to make it easier to work on research papers. You can read more about it here: avidnote.com

The main functionality includes:

- ability to read and comment on a paper simultaneously by having the document that you're reading on one side and your notes on the other. The user would be able to highlight text and write corresponding notes in the note taker and have these two be linked. This is meant to mimic the act of jotting down notes on a physical paper in the margins.

- easily searchable and organized online. This is one of the main drawbacks that I had with using physical paper to take notes, it's easy to misplace and you can't really search your notes.

- quicker note taking with templates. These templates include specifically formatted notes that you can create on the fly depending on the need, e.g. notes for research papers, lab notes, interview notes (for qualitative research) and so forth.

- encrypted and safe storage.

- later version could include third party integration with Mendeley & Zotero for references and Dropbox/Box for external storage. The initial app is expected to feature a simple backup function where you can download all of your notes. The user would be able to remove notes completely, since I know that is a requirement for certain researchers with sensitive data.

Let me know if there's any functionality you would like to add? :) It's almost finished but we might be able to add it to the next version.
14-Feb-20, 13:10
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by pm133
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posted about 6 months ago
This sounds like a potentially very good idea.
I'm confused about the templates section though - not really sure what that's about.


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