Self-Funded PhD, but not sure on what funding options are available to me?

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I have recently seen this PhD advertised at Cardiff Business School. Its a project I am very interested in, having completed similar assignments during my undergrad at Cardiff.

I completed my degree in Business Management from Cardiff Uni (2:1) in 2018, and a masters in Digital Marketing (Distinction) from Cardiff Met in 2019. I am living with my partner in Cardiff who is also studying a PhD but hers is funded by a charity so get a wage equivalent of 14,000 a year.

So my main question is what funding options are available to me? I know I can get student finance of up to 27,000 which would cover the costs of the PhD at least but I wouldn't have much left to live. My expenses per month (rent,bills,car) are approximately 700, so in addition to the annual fee of 4,407, I need to have at least 12,807.

What other options are available to me financially? Also, it doesn't say if its three or four years?
14-Feb-20, 16:22
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The project welcomes self-funded students which is unfortunate as it sounds to me like they'd quite like a self-funder really, and the research council deadlines have passed - so I think charities are your best funding option (ask your partner for tips!) as well as the student finance loans.

But you should definitely email Cardiff at the bottom of the page asking for more info about the 'available scholarships for outstanding applicants', always worth applying to, and you can ask them for clarification if it's three or four years.

This is a really interesting and helpful article about applying to charities for funding:


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