master of research, is it necessary?

24-Dec-06, 18:11
by panthy
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posted about 14 years ago
hi everyone,
i'm a medical doctor and intended to pursue my PhD in regenerative medicine.
i have 3 questions hoping u wiil answer:
1-with about three clinical published researches (plus over 80 researches i just have been paid for them, all clinical) and without any history in the field of regenerative medicine, would it be likely for me to take a position?
2-i have seen some advertisement about master of research programs in regenerative medicine (1 year, fulltime)in England; what do you think? will it help?
3-these programs are really costly for me (near 12000 pounds/a year without the living costs), how can I get a scholarship or something (very soon of course!!)or where i can find cheaper ones out of england (i didn't find any)?
thank u all!
30-Sep-07, 21:27
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posted about 13 years ago
I am a medical graduate from India
I am interested in Regenerative medicine
I am currently living in USA
I want to do masters in the field of Regenerative medicine
Can u guide me to a MASTERS PROGRAM IN REGENERATIVE MEDICINE in US Universities ?

I could not find a program in regenerative medicine in US universities

If you are aware of any educational programs in REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, plese guide me to that web links

Thanks a lot


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