PhD in Film Studies, Suggestions Needed.

06-Mar-20, 05:34
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posted about 4 months ago
I'm about to enrol for PhD in Film Studies at Amrita University.But the degree will be under Communication Department. Under this university's guidelines, it has been mentioned that, the Ph.D. Program will be known as: Ph.D. in (Name of the Department/Centre)
(Area of Specialization). For example, if the Ph.D. is being offered in the Department of
Computer Science with specialization in Wireless and Mobile Systems, it will be called Ph.D. in
Computer Science (Wireless and Mobile Systems). However, the Degree Certificate will
mention only the title of the Thesis, the School and, the Department or Centre in which the
student is registered. Since my Bachelors and Masters is in English, I'm having varied thoughts whether I should go for a PhD under Communication Banner. Will this PhD in Film Studies under the dept of communication affect my profile in the field of teaching English or any other Interdisciplinary subjects including Cultural Studies?


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