Need help with skills development

26-Apr-20, 01:24
Avatar for shashigaonkar
posted about 1 month ago
Hi all,
It's been two months I have started my PhD. I am halfway on my DMP; I do not understand how to go about as in what next I have to do. Can someone please tell me what the usual sequence of events in starting the research.
27-Apr-20, 10:20
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 1 month ago
Happy to try and answer, but not really clear on what you mean. Could you elaborate more?
27-Apr-20, 12:07
by rewt
Avatar for rewt
posted about 1 month ago
Are you talking about a Data Management plan? I hear they can be an utter pain but you can copy the structure from other postgrad students.
06-May-20, 06:33
by CarolEr
Avatar for CarolEr
posted about 3 weeks ago
Back in high school, my mother taught me how to plan any project or study that I needed to do. I’m a terrible procrastinator and it wasn't difficult to draw up a plan and it didn't take much time. When I divided my work into small parts, it was much easier for me to work with this later and I didn't lose my thought, so I got good essays and studies. You need to try this method, if it doesn’t work, then there are many tips on the Internet on how to organize your day, to be effective, to evenly distribute the time between work and rest. I wish you good luck with your doctoral work!


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