Claiming Universal Credit During 5th Year Of PhD. Advice/ Help.

29-Apr-20, 22:25
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I'm currently in my fifth year of my PhD - deadline is September 2020.

Since my funding ran out at the end of my third year, I have been juggling multiple jobs in order to live. My most recent job came to and end during early February because of funding. I still have some temp/zero hours contract work going - but this is not enough to cover rent/bills etc.

Now, because of this as well as the current situation with Covid19 affecting my ability to look for work, I had applied for Universal Credit. I initially told them that i was a full-time student and they instantly rejected my application. I contacted the university's financial team for advice and they suggested that I challenge this because my status as student is 'currently writing-up, previously full-time' - so i changed my status on my UC application, and then it got accepted. I am now receiving UC - which is great news. However i am filled with anxiety and concerns that I have been given money that i am not eligible for.
What if i will get prosecuted? What if i can't produce evidence for them that confirms I am in my writing up stage and therefore not a full time student?

I tried to get student finance support when i was first rejected by UC, but i got rejected for this too. WIthout UC i have nothing. I feel PhD students out of their funding periods are in limbo and go off the radar.

Has anybody been in this situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
02-May-20, 16:17
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