Masters leading to PHD - A mistake?

15-Jan-07, 20:34
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posted about 13 years ago
Hi guys,
I've posted the same message under a different subject title. This is only to present a clearer perspective of my dilemma:

I'm an undergraduate (Bachelors) applying to universities in the US for a graduate program in Chemical Engineering. I am interested in research and would want to do a PhD some day. Most of these universities have the option of opting for their PhD program at this juncture;
My worry is this: If I choose to apply to their PhD program, I would have to work through the Masters. However, if something goes wrong or if I find something unsuitable, would it be possible for me to change the university after my masters or quit with a terminal masters degree?
09-Feb-07, 16:22
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posted about 13 years ago
Hi Anirudh!!
It is good that u are much concerned about ur next higher education step but it seems that u r preoccupied with the fear of unexpected. Although this is a very common phase in life at this moment. But the thing to note is that you are not sure about PhD but for the masters.
If I were in this situation, I would have gone for the masters. Why? 1. Masters is a short duration than a PhD.
2. One can easily get a good job after masters also.
3. During the masters one can easily realise if he wants to go for doctoral studies.
and lastly One can easily join PhD after masters.
Isn't it better to go for masters rather than lending into a mess in mid of PhD and getting out with a masters.


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