undergraduate degree from 20 years ago. Can I still apply for masters?

25-May-20, 08:08
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posted about 2 months ago
Would it matter for admission if my degree is from 20 years ago? The subject of the master is the same as the subject of my undergraduate degree. f
29-May-20, 14:00
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by eng77
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posted about 2 months ago
It should not. There are several cases like you. Just write a good cover letter. If you are not looking for a scholarship, you have a good chance. Apply in several institutions and I am sure you will get accepted.
17-Jun-20, 18:25
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by sunra
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posted about 3 weeks ago
It should be ok - there was a guy on my MSc who had graduated about 15 or 20 years ago. The department insisted he work part time on the degree. I think in his case it's what he needed. So it wouldn't surprise me, if they interview you to see how much you remember. Good luck!


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