Second Bite at the cherry (PhD attempt)

07-Jun-20, 16:26
by rjb203
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posted about 2 months ago
Hey Guys,
This site brings back some memories! To cut a long story short I dropped out of a PhD 14 years ago. I had a pretty dreadful experience and ended up dropping out in my first year. It really knocked the stuffing out of me and it took a long time to get over it.

To cut a long story short I regrouped and completed a masters. I then went on to pursue a career in a scientific field which has been largely successful.

As it happens I have recently started a new role and I expressed an interest in getting work published. As it turns out my boss said they are willing to support me to do a PhD and they are looking into getting funding from my department. It's a field I know and like and I'll be proposing my own project and I will be pitching it to a local university department soon. If funding can be sorted out the I think there is a very good chance I'll be able to sign on for the PhD.

While I do have some reservations, I think my chances for success are a lot better this time around. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who had a second attempt at a PhD. Did you enjoy it? What was different second time around and any advice you would give to someone looking to have a second bit at the cherry?

Cheers :-)
08-Jun-20, 12:09
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posted about 2 months ago
I haven't been I this situation so no advice to share but I just wanted to say welcome back! (:
11-Jun-20, 15:15
by rewt
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posted about 2 months ago
That sounds like a really good opportunity! It must be so reaffirming to be offered a PhD. I haven't been in the same position but you sound like you have matured and more confident in yourself, so trust yourself. You are different person than you were 14 years ago and you will fly through.



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