Do you list postgrad conferences on CV/staff profile post PhD?

09-Jun-20, 14:59
Avatar for FinallyFree
posted about 1 month ago
Just started my first job post-PhD, as a lecturer. Just wondering, do you keep contributions to postgrad conferences on your CV/staff profile?

On the one hand, I am thinking as long as it is a reputable conference, it should be on there. On the other hand, I don't want to appear desperate to appear experienced.

How is everyone handling this?
09-Jun-20, 17:12
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 1 month ago
Congrats!!! I keep mine on. I'll remove them when I've enough post-PhD stuff to take their place and fill out my CV!
09-Jun-20, 23:30
Avatar for cucaracha
posted about 1 month ago
Just wondering as a clueless student, what does your work entail as a lecturer having just started seeing as term is over and Covid etc?
10-Jun-20, 15:33
edited about 9 seconds later
by Nead
Avatar for Nead
posted about 1 month ago
I do the same as Tudor_Queen. I still have them on listed under conference proceeding and have paper publication as a separate section.


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